Shiro Aesthetic Clinic

Shiro Aesthetic Clinic

Spearheaded by Dr Zhang Yijun, this premier clinic is conveniently located at Mandarin Gallery, a one-stop haven catered to the aesthetic needs of the urban men and women in the heart of Orchard Road,

Shiro which means "White" in Japanese, is a true reflection of its name. A clean white environment decked with hints of light wood warmly welcomes patients in for bespoke aesthetic care in maximum comfort and for the best possible results.
Dr Zhang envisioned a space that encompasses purity, sophistication, brilliance and endless possibilities- and that is exactly what the clinic delivers

Dr Zhang Yijun, Founder and Medical Director of Shiro Aesthetic Clinic

Dr Zhang YiJun

MBBS (Singapore), GDFM (NUS)  Dip. Dermatology (UK)  Member, American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine

Medical Director of Shiro Aesthetic Clinic, Dr Zhang Yijun strongly holds onto the belief that great skin gives one all the confidence necessary in facing life’s challenges more readily. His interest in the specialisation of acne, scarring and pigmentation utilising leading edge Light and Laser technology, including Dermal Fillers and Botox in addressing wrinkles and facial augmentation, makes him a regular face at numerous international conferences.

Dr Zhang Yijun’s accolades include a medical degree and post graduate Family Medicine qualification at the National University of Singapore. He obtained his postgraduate Diploima in Practical Dermatology at Cardiff University in the United Kingdom. Thereafter, he spearheaded The Face Aesthetic Clinic as founder and medical director.

His passion in aesthetics was piqued while treating severe acne and scarring at the National Skin Centre years back. Delving deeper into the art of delivering flawless skin, Dr Zhang turned his direction to a more holistic approach. He achieved this through the combination of effective, clinical face and body treatments, and empowering patients with the right knowledge in cultivating positive lifestyle habits.

Ever-ready to keep up with modern cosmetic procedures and be at the forefront of aesthetic medicine, Dr Zhang strives to deliver first class results to all.

News & Articles

The Straits Times, November 2016

Clearing up skin problems and improving its condition can do wonders for your confidence. Dr Zhang Yijun, founder and medical director of Shiro Aesthetic Clinic, specialises in treating acne, scarring and pigmentation utilising leading edge light and laser technology, including dermal fillers and botox in addressing wrinkles.

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Aesthetics Hub, February 2015

Went to Shiro Aesthetic Clinic (f.k.a. The Face Aesthetic Clinic) at Raffles Place last week. It’s such a convenient location, just a couple of minutes walk from Raffles MRT station.

They are a leading aesthetic clinic that provides and focuses on non-invasive procedures and customised solutions for face, skin and body needs.

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