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The Aesthetics Medical Clinic

THE AESTHETICS MEDICAL CLINIC was first established in 2005. We provide a comprehensive range of aesthetics solutions by a panel of qualified and experienced doctors. To ensure that you receive only the best and the latest in the aesthetics field, our doctors constantly keep abreast of the latest equipments and procedures available through international medical forums.

We are committed to:

engage only qualified professionals and service personnel so as to deliver the best possible solution in the most comprehensive manner
continuous research and development of only the most effective aesthetics treatments and products for optimal results
provide a pleasant and professional environment with absolute privacy
We take pride in providing the most personalised and individualised course of treatment(s) that is best suited for you.

Comprehensive, one-to-one consultation where we will evaluate your area of concern and discuss your treatment goals, concerns, anatomy and lifestyle. A patch test may be conducted prior to the treatment, alongside a review on treatment dosage.

Treatments are administered by qualified healthcare professionals, complications are usually infrequent and minor by nature.
Like all medication and surgery, the risk of side effects and complications is undeniable but can certainly be reduced. A list of pre-and post-operative instructions will be provided so as to reduce the risk of possible side effects and complications.

Doctor’s Profile

Dr Heng Wee Soon

Graduated from the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore, Dr. Heng went on to clinical rotations in General Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Orthopaedics, Emergency Medicine, as well as Family Medicine in various government hospitals and healthcare institutions in Singapore, prior to pursuing his passion in aesthetic medicine.

Dr. Heng‘s philosophy in aesthetic medicine is that it should be holistic and personalised, backed by scientific research and administered in the context of each patient. He firmly believes that healthy, natural looking skin is best achieved by stimulating the body’s own regenerative and repair capabilities, aided by aesthetic treatments delivered through the artistic eye.

His particular areas of strength and interest include fillers, botulinum toxin and other injectables, on top of cosmetic lasers. Dr. Heng also looks in depth into skin care products that aids in the full spectrum of general aesthetic conditions. Continually striving to offer only the best, Dr. Heng attends numerous local and international conferences to deliver the latest and most scientifically effective treatments to his patients.

Availability: Monday to Wednesday, 11am – 8pm (Shaw Centre) Thursday & Friday, 11am – 8pm (Paragon) Saturday, 10am – 5.30pm (Paragon)

Dr Chiam Chiak Teng

Dr. Chiam graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery. He became a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine upon obtaining his Graduate Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine. With a special interest in thread lift techniques, Dr. Chiam has been trained by prominent Korean plastic surgeons in the latest Korean Ultra V lift and Hiko Nose Thread Lift. He has since been invited by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine to become their instructor for the Korean Thread Lift Course.

Amassing over a decade of clinical experience, Dr. Chiam believes in adopting a multimodal approach to beauty, combining various techniques with daily care and products to achieve superlative results for his patients. He believes in treatment customisation for every patient as no two patients are exactly the same. As such, he always seeks to understand every patient’s ideas, concerns and expectations before recommending any course of treatment.

Dr. Chiam is also the resident aesthetic doctor for Gold 90.5FM’s “Look Good, Feel Good” segment where he engages the listeners every Wednesday with DJ Jamie Yeo, addressing their questions on various aesthetic concerns.

Availability: Monday to Wednesday, 11am – 8pm (Paragon) Thursday, 11am – 3pm (Shaw Centre) Friday, 11am – 8pm  (Shaw Centre) Saturday, 10am – 5.30pm (Shaw Centre)

Shiro Aesthetic Clinic

Spearheaded by Dr Zhang Yijun, this premier clinic is conveniently located at Mandarin Gallery, a one-stop haven catered to the aesthetic needs of the urban men and women in the heart of Orchard Road,

Shiro which means "White" in Japanese, is a true reflection of its name. A clean white environment decked with hints of light wood warmly welcomes patients in for bespoke aesthetic care in maximum comfort and for the best possible results.
Dr Zhang envisioned a space that encompasses purity, sophistication, brilliance and endless possibilities- and that is exactly what the clinic delivers

Dr Zhang Yijun, Founder and Medical Director of Shiro Aesthetic Clinic

Dr Zhang YiJun

MBBS (Singapore), GDFM (NUS)  Dip. Dermatology (UK)  Member, American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine

Medical Director of Shiro Aesthetic Clinic, Dr Zhang Yijun strongly holds onto the belief that great skin gives one all the confidence necessary in facing life’s challenges more readily. His interest in the specialisation of acne, scarring and pigmentation utilising leading edge Light and Laser technology, including Dermal Fillers and Botox in addressing wrinkles and facial augmentation, makes him a regular face at numerous international conferences.

Dr Zhang Yijun’s accolades include a medical degree and post graduate Family Medicine qualification at the National University of Singapore. He obtained his postgraduate Diploima in Practical Dermatology at Cardiff University in the United Kingdom. Thereafter, he spearheaded The Face Aesthetic Clinic as founder and medical director.

His passion in aesthetics was piqued while treating severe acne and scarring at the National Skin Centre years back. Delving deeper into the art of delivering flawless skin, Dr Zhang turned his direction to a more holistic approach. He achieved this through the combination of effective, clinical face and body treatments, and empowering patients with the right knowledge in cultivating positive lifestyle habits.

Ever-ready to keep up with modern cosmetic procedures and be at the forefront of aesthetic medicine, Dr Zhang strives to deliver first class results to all.

News & Articles

The Straits Times, November 2016

Clearing up skin problems and improving its condition can do wonders for your confidence. Dr Zhang Yijun, founder and medical director of Shiro Aesthetic Clinic, specialises in treating acne, scarring and pigmentation utilising leading edge light and laser technology, including dermal fillers and botox in addressing wrinkles.

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Aesthetics Hub, February 2015

Went to Shiro Aesthetic Clinic (f.k.a. The Face Aesthetic Clinic) at Raffles Place last week. It’s such a convenient location, just a couple of minutes walk from Raffles MRT station.

They are a leading aesthetic clinic that provides and focuses on non-invasive procedures and customised solutions for face, skin and body needs.

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Dore Aesthetics

Dore Aesthetics is a leading transformation centre that utilises the best industry treatment and technology to enhance your physical beauty from head to toe. All our procedures and methods are proven, painless and highly effective.
Our expert team of accredited trained experts possess the artistry and skills to assist you in the path to ultimate beauty, in our safe and comfortable environment.

We aim at offering every individual the freedom to alter his or her appearance in the way he or she desires. We want to show people that nothing is impossible.
At Dore Aesthetics, we strive to create a perfect, beautiful world filled with beaming, positive individuals. Let our professional team of experts help you with your aesthetic beauty needs today.


“Top service, the consultant truly cares about the customers, and it shows. She would never give me a treatment that is not suitable for me, and she would rather suggest the best treatments that I need most. Thank you! :)”

– Dominic Lim

“Friendly consultants and therapists. Will definitely come back!”

– Edwin Lim

“Friendly staff, pleasant environment.. Will definitely come back for my treatment!”
– Alicia Ong
“Excellent service, the staff are professional and welcoming.”

– Megan Lai

Privé Aesthetics Clinic

Prive Aesthetics is a one-stop award winning medi-spa offering expert solutions for your skin, face, body and hair needs. Through advanced, clinically-proven technology and using medical-grade products, we are committed to helping our customers look – and feel –their very best.

Our Belief
Everyone is unique and has the potential to look and feel their best. We believe in using clinically-proven technologies and products that are not only effective, but also safe. Our team of experts is committed to take care of you, from meticulous consultations to selecting the best treatments and after-care products.

Our Promise
At Privé, we are deeply committed to long-term investment in intensive training, advanced technology and quality treatments with a strong focus on safety. Founded and trained by board-certified doctors, all our staff are professionally-trained. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and expertise across the Privé team.

Dr Karen Soh, Medical Director

Dr Karen Soh graduated as a Raffles Top Scholar before going on to obtain a Bachelor of Medicine from National University of Singapore in 1997. Only in her 40s, she has received training in surgery, intensive care, obstetrics, gynaecology, ophthalmology and anesthesia. Dr Soh spent a year in Philadelphia, USA, where she developed an interest in anti-ageing medicine and received her training and certification from various institutions. Her interest in aesthetics was sparked off by her desire to help everyone, young and old, look and feel their best at every stage of their lives. Dr Soh is trained in Botox, Dermal and Hair Fillers, Non-Surgical Facelift, Anti-Ageing Treatments, Skin Resurfacing, Lasers, Light therapies, and a variety of minimally invasive Body Enhancement and Body Contouring Treatments. She attends seminars and trainings by international experts both locally and overseas, on a regular basis to stay at the forefront of the newest aesthetics technologies. Dr Soh is an avid wine, jewellery and art collector who also enjoys scuba diving. She believes in living life to the fullest. Besides being a devoted mother of four lovely children (and makes it a point to cook for her family), she also serves on the committee of the Association for Women Doctors Singapore (AWDS) and spends time volunteering at nursing homes.
Just had the Elite Eyes treatment using RF technology and I saw an immediate difference in skin tautness and lessening of fine lines in a single treatment 🙂 Thanks much Prive

– Grace Loh Fournier

 Staff are very friendly and nice! Love the results of the treatment and overall experience is really good! Would definitely recommend it to my friends

– Caren Ho

Trust to me is something money cannot buy. I trust Prive Aesthetics with my face and body

– Sharel Ho, Managing Director, Defred Jewelers

Elle Magazine Singapore

Had a tad too much turkey and tequila at the festive fetes this season? Or perhaps that irritating “muffin top” seems stubbornly impervious to all the huffing and puffing you’re putting yourself through at the gym.

Either way, don’t despair. The solution: Try a Cellulite Smoothie instead.

A what? Nope, you you wouldn’t be downing a beautifying beverage. Instead, this doctor-designed “smoothie” (AKA Zwave) by Privé Aesthetics employs energy to essentially shrink pockets of fat. The potent pressure of these mechanical shockwaves is assimilated deep into the tissue, literally “shocking” it into action. …… Read More Here

Ardmore Aesthetic Clinic

Our clinic offers the most advanced state of the art FDA approved machines, as well as the latest in Korean technology, to provide a comprehensive range of customised non-invasive therapeutic treatments for all our patients. Our range of services include the latest laser and resurfacing therapies, radiofrequency, light and ultrasonic based treatments, botox and filler injections, chemical peels and various facial and body wellness treatments.

Under the expert and safe hands of our Medical Director, Dr Rachel Lim, we aim to provide and deliver solutions to unlock our patients’ true beauty inside out. Every treatment recommendation and program will be personally and specifically tailored to you, to ensure the best and most fulfilling results and outcome.
Dr Rachel Lim obtained her medical training and postgraduate qualifications in Family Medicine at the National University of Singapore. She specializes in non-surgical medical cosmetics and has a keen interest in all aspects of cosmetic medicine. She is trained in age-reversing injectables, dermal fillers, laser and light treatments and overall non-surgical rejuvenation of the face and body.

Dr Rachel is experienced in a variety of procedures. These include non-ablative lasers, skin lifting and skin tightening procedures. She believes strongly in the combination of aesthetic procedures and cosmeceuticals that work hand in hand to restore a youthful and refreshed appearance. Dr Rachel sees cosmetic medicine as an art as well as a science and has a good eye and a steady hand for the creation of beauty. She believes that the best cosmetic outcomes are natural and enhancing, ultimately improving the patients’ sense of self and well-being. Her passion in cosmetic medicine, attention to detail and caring attitude is evident from the first time you meet her and it is not surprising that her patients find her affable and approachable manner very reassuring. The personal belief in achieving the highest form of patient satisfaction consistently, has built her patient pool over the years. Besides being a devoted mother to two lovely children, Dr Rachel is also an avid cook and loves travelling round the world as she sees it as a good opportunity to experience new cultures. Dr Rachel is actively involved in community work and is also a District Councillor in the North West Community Development Council (CDC). It is her belief that women can be empowered to make a difference in not only their careers and families, but also in society.

Dr D Aesthetics Medical Clinic

Dr. D Aesthetics provides a holistic approach to aesthetics. We believe that beauty is not only about finding the perfect fit but it also has to be the most natural fit. We use the latest clinically proven, non-invasive and non-surgical technologies for our treatments. Our treatments are tailored individually to provide patients with the most cost effective treatments as well as minimize the pain and downtime that patients would experience to enhance their looks and radiate their skin from within. All our medical aesthetic treatments are FDA-approved. We believe in inspiring confidence in our patients. When they look better, they feel better. Our team at Dr D Aesthetics look forward to journeying with you to create a more beautiful you.
Dr David Ng Medical Director MBChB (Leicester, UK)

Dr David Ng Weng Keen graduated from University of Leicester; one of the elite universities for medicine in the UK. Upon completion in year 2008, he has since accumulated extensive surgical experiences in the fields of neurosurgery, general surgery as well as plastic surgery in the UK as well as Singapore. Prior to setting up his own aesthetic medical clinic, he joined Raffles Medical Group as a general practitioner with a special interest in Aesthetics. He is fully accredited in aesthetic procedures such as Botulinum toxin and filler injections, lasers, chemical peels as well as light therapies. To keep himself abreast of the latest skills and technologies, Dr David also attended numerous aesthetic workshops and conferences locally and internationally, including countries such as Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Europe. Dr David is also an active member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM). He is known for his appreciation for beauty as well as meticulous eye to details. He feels that aesthetics is both an art and a science. It is about combining his medical skills together with his passion for art and love for beauty to enhance an individual look to help patients create a more beautiful you, whilst maintaining their individuality. He customizes and combines various treatments personally for every specific individual to target the root of the problem due to his belief that every individual is unique and different to achieve the most optimum and predictable results for his patients. Dr David is a strong believer in the use of non-invasive and non surgical treatments. He believes in using the latest and most advanced technologies coupled with his skills to provide patients with the most cost effective treatments as well as minimize the pain and downtime that patients would experience to enhance their looks and radiate their skin from within. His ultimate goal in mind when treating his patients is to inspire confidence- When they look better, they feel better.

Get to know Dr D Aesthetics Medical Clinic

If you’re looking for a dedicated and skilled doctor for any aesthetics enhancements & non-invasive procedures, I’d highly recommend Dr D Aesthetics.
– Michelle Qiu
He was very patient in explaining to me the procedures and was very gentle during the process ensuring there was minimum pain during the procedure.

– Sophia Ng

Lux Medical Aesthetic Clinic

Our name, Lux, means light in Latin and our diamond-shaped logo signifies brilliance. These traits embody our team’s full commitment to bring you timeless and captivating brilliance.

We are passionate about what we do and we care about the finest detail for you. At Lux Aesthetic Clinic, quality, hygiene and your safety are our utmost priorities. Our team of dedicated and trained professionals understand your needs and strive to deliver the highest standards of medical care to help you achieve elegant, youthful and natural beauty.

See the beauty in everything. Begin with yourself.
Dr Kellyn Shiau 

In the course of her practice, she has administered aesthetic treatments to a large number of satisfied and happy patients. Dr Kellyn Shiau is well versed in a broad range of aesthetic procedures ranging from jaw reduction injections, fillers, lasers, skin-care, acne scar treatments, thread lifts to non-surgical skin tightening devices. Dr Kellyn Shiau is a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. In addition, she has also attained certification by the Ministry of Health accredited bodies, under the Singapore Medical Council’s Aesthetic Practices Oversight Committee for the following procedures:

  • Dermal Fillers
  •  Fractional Lasers for Skin Rejuvenation
  •  Chemical Peels
  •  Intense Pulse Light Skin Rejuvenation
  •  Toxin Injection for Aesthetic Application
  •  Pigment Lasers
  •  Lasers and IPL assisted hair removal
Dr Kellyn Shiau is really confident, approachable and presents herself very well. Lux staff were very courteous, friendly and attentive. They are very knowledgeable on their treatments.

– Felicia Natalie Chua

ClearSK Aesthetics

At CSK, we believe that wellness beauty is not just about how we look, but is also a reflection about our inner confidence and we are dedicated to help you achieve this goal. Combining the art of beauty with the science of dermatology, CSK clinic is a one-stop centre for your skin and beauty needs.

With our Medical Director, Dr Shiau Ee Leng, who has more than 15 years of experience leading our team of dedicated and highly qualified doctors and therapists, we are committed to helping our customers achieve the perfect skin and body and restore their confidence by bringing back their vitality both in health and appearance, regardless of their age.

CSK’s rich experience has led to the development of highly effective and integrated treatments that are customised according to each individual customer’s profile, all using the most popular clinically-proven treatments available only at aesthetic clinics. With the state-of-art technology and vast experience that we possess, we are confident in offering top quality modern aesthetic solutions to all our customers. Trust us to help you restore your health, beauty and confidence.

Dr Shiau Ee Leng – Medical Director

Med (FM) Spore

Dip Dermatology (FP)

MCFP (Singapore)

Aw has had different treatments at ClearSK, including the Magnetic RF Eyelift that combines magnetic and radio frequency waves for skin repair and lifting. Aw said: “I really enjoy the treatment. It reduces puffiness and also helps the  dark circles- it’s perfect.” “

– Jeanette Aw, Interview with The New Paper, 2 January 2018


  • Leisure Park Mall, 5 Stadium Walk, Singapore 397693
  • Novena Medical Center, 10 Sinaran Drive #10-01, Singapore 307506
  • Telepark @ Tampines, 5 Tampines Central 6, Singapore 529482
  • Westgate, 3 Gateway Dr, Singapore 608532
  • Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238896
  • Heartland Mall, 205 Hougang Street 21, Singapore 530205
  • Tiong Bahru Plaza, 302 Tiong Bahru Road, #01-110, 168732
  • Bedok Mall, 311 New Upper Changi Road, Singapore 467360

Derma Elite & Laser Clinic

Treatments Offered at Derma Elite & Laser Clinic

  • -Venus Legacy
  • -Trataments for face, body, hair
  • -CoolTech® localized weight loss
  • -Laser Alexandrite – Gentle Max Pro- permanent hair removal
  • -Laser Co2- Rejuvenation
  • -Laser Co2 Intima- Vaginal rejuvenation
  • -X Matrix
  • -PRP
  • -Aesthetics procedures
  • -Surgical procedures
  • -FotoFinder Dermoscope

LightRx Face & Body – Reston

About LightRx Face & Body – Reston

Whether you want to drop a dress size, melt fat, target cellulite, tighten skin or turn back the hands of time, our team will customize a plan using the latest technologies, like Venus Freeze™ and Venus Legacy™ for dramatic results. Treatments are performed by our highly-trained, professional staff and overseen by physicians. FDA-cleared, clinically proven, non-invasive, fast, safe, painless and effective – what are you waiting for? Kiss cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkles, and unwanted fat goodbye. We know that once you try it, you’ll love it!


LightRx from Venus Concept on Vimeo.


Treatments offered at LightRx Face & Body – Reston

  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Laser Lipo
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Skin Tightening
  • Skin Rejuventation
  • Body Contouring
  • SculpSure TM
  • BodyFX™
  • IPL Photofacial
  • Venus Legacy™
  • Venus Viva™
  • Venus Freeze™
  • Murad Products
  • Jan Marini Skin Care Products™



I have been going to LightRx for several months and am very pleased with the results and the service. The staff is wonderful, eager to please and very professional. I have found their pricing is very reasonable, especially when treatments are purchased in packages. They will accommodate my schedule and I really appreciate that they have extended hours, so I can make it in after work. I would highly recommend LightRx in Birmingham!Teri M.
My LightRx experience started in the beginning of February. I received i-Lipo treatments twice weekly by your staff. The ladies were very friendly and informative and addressed all concerns and questions I had. The treatments themselves were convenient and I had no issues making an appointment for a desired time slot.

I lost 10 pounds in my first two weeks with only slight changes to my diet and exercise. I used my month at LightRx to spearhead my weight loss goal and I have lost 50 pounds in 6 months. My waist size dropped from a 40 to a 34. I feel more energetic and productive, and now not a day goes by where someone does not talk to me about how noticeable the change is.

I highly recommend LightRx based upon my experience.Jeff P.

I’ve thought about doing something like this for a long time, but I kept putting it off and felt a bit embarrassed about going in. I spent hours on the internet making sure this was legit but eventually I set up a consultation and went to check it out. And wow! I’m glad I did. I can’t remember the last time I looked this good.Maria L.
I’m a mother of three and even though I’m doing well when it comes to my weight, I still had a huge problem with loose and saggy skin and fat around my belly and abs. Some friends of mine told me I should look into getting lipo or a lipo alternative, so after looking around I decided to try eight treatments with the Venus Freeze. So far, I’ve finished 6 of the 8 treatments and even though they told me to wait until the end, I’m still thrilled that I’ve had such amazing results, especially on my abs. And what a relief! I’ve lost a lot of cellulite, my skin is so much tighter and my belly looks better than ever! I’d definitely recommend it for anyone in a similar predicament.Montana Q.