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Huid Visie, Totale huidverbetering & advies

In mijn instituut Huid Visie werk ik met een concept dat de ruimte vult tussen reguliere schoonheidsverzorging en de stap naar een arts of kliniek. Ik werk uitsluitend met producten en behandelingen voor natuurlijke huidverbetering en huidverjonging. De natuurlijke gelaatsvormen en uitdrukkingen blijven behouden.
U blijft uzelf, maar dan met een gezonde, jongere huid!

Ik vind het geweldig om te zien wat ik kan bereiken door de juiste behandelingen en producten toe te passen. Dit maakt mijn werk dan ook iedere dag erg boeiend; steeds andere huiden, ieder met zijn unieke eigenschappen.

Naast Venus FreezePlus werk ik ook met Mesotherapie, LED therapie, manuele lifting massage techniek en BioSkinJetting® (een biologisch alternatief voor inspuitingen, dus geen vreemde stoffen!).
Aangevuld met producten voor thuisgebruik, zowel van buitenaf als ook van binnenuit, ben ik samen met mijn cliënt in staat om het allerbeste uit de huid te halen: een gezonde, stralende en vitale huid!
Iedere huid verdient het om mooi oud te worden!
Happy dát word je als je bij Francis naar binnen stapt! De behandelingen zijn helemaal tot in de puntjes afgestemd en daardoor altijd een waar genot. Francis is een echte professional. Ze neemt ruim de tijd om je heerlijk (ontspannen) te behandelen en om de producten toe te lichten. Dat maakt dat je zelf thuis ook goed verder kunt. Ze blijft betrokken en is altijd bereikbaar voor advies. Dat maakt het zo fijn om (terug) te komen! Mirjam
Na een zorgvuldige intake een heerlijke behandeling gehad. Mijn huid juichte en voelde zeer gereinigd en gevoed aan. Precies wat mijn huid nodig had. Met goede adviezen ging ik naar huis en door het toepassen van deze adviezen ziet mijn huid er nog stralend uit. Francis geeft goed advies zonder opdringerig te zijn. Ze laat de keus aan jezelf hoe ver je wilt gaan met behandelingen en producten. Zeer prettig en een echte aanrader. Gwenny

Tiffanie Petett’s Venus Legacy Testimonial

As an assistant editor at, Tiffanie Petett is passionate about new beauty trends and treatments, always on the cutting-edge of what’s new. She expressed an issue with her thighs and wanted to see what Venus Legacy could do for her.

After giving it a try Tiffanie couldn’t believe how relaxing a treatment was, and at only 25 minutes, she loved how quick the results were. Busy lifestyles don’t stop Venus Legacy customers from finding a little time during their day. The non-invasive treatment is perfect for lunch breaks and requires zero downtime. If you’re treating wrinkles or fine lines on the face, applying makeup immediately after a visit is no problem.

Often times patients like Tiffanie will try the Venus Legacy on a very specific area and love the results so much they want to try it somewhere else. Venus Legacy creates a restoring response that causes the skin to contract, achieving tighter skin, softened wrinkles and reduced cellulite. These are definitely things anyone would want to wave goodbye to!

Jane Emery’s Venus Legacy Testimonial

Jane Emery is the publisher and editor-in-chief of, a magazine focused on trends, events and the people of LA. Like many women, she was most interested in seeing what Venus Legacy could do for her stomach area and buttocks. The non-invasive and painless nature of the treatment made it even more exciting to try out.

What Jane loved the most was how relaxing and soothing it felt. Compared to other treatments that boast the same results, a session with Venus Legacy is like a hot stone massage. With zero downtime, it’s truly an ideal way to get rid of problem areas without the worry of taking time off work.

Whether it’s fine lines, wrinkles on the face, cellulite on the thighs or buttocks, Venus Legacy works to improve these signs of aging, leaving your skin feeling youthful and fresh.

Michelle’s Venus Legacy Testimonial

Michelle, a registered nurse, shared the same problem areas most women worry about. Fine lines, cellulite, and sagging skin were all issues Michelle wanted to improve and prevent.

After trying out Venus Legacy for the first time, Michelle loved how relaxing the treatment was. A therapeutic heat matrix over the skin causes a thermal reaction in the tissue which stimulates the body’s natural healing process. This achieves tighter skin, softening of wrinkles and reduced cellulite – benefits which make Michelle very excited to try the Venus Legacy again.

Stevie Wilson’s Venus Legacy Testimonial

Stevie Wilson is a blogger for, but has really been put on the map by her social media expertise. Stevie lives and breathes social media and boasts several senior editorial positions in print and online. As someone who is always on the cutting-edge of what’s new, she was excited to give a non-invasive and painless skin treatment a try, especially if the results were phenomenal. So did Venus Legacy live up to the hype?

Stevie tried Venus Legacy on her face, targeting skin that had become looser over the years, and she was definitely impressed. As someone who is self proclaimed hard to impress, Stevie couldn’t believe how much she loved the treatment. No pain, and a soothing relaxation that almost put her to sleep, it was a treatment she would definitely do again.

Almost everyone has areas on their face and body they wish they could give a little boost. Whether it’s the look of aging skin, or the loss of elasticity slowly creeping up on you, Venus Legacy is here to help. As a non-invasive treatment that targets wrinkles, sagging skin and cellulite, it’s a dream come true for those not interested in taking some of the more drastic beauty routes. After just one treatment patients often cite immediate results and can’t wait to come back for more, just like Stevie.

Mary Elizabeth Boylan’s Venus Legacy Testimonial

Mary Elizabeth Boylan is an up and coming actress who was interested in using Venus Legacy to maintain her look. As an actress, Mary is always in front of the camera where fine lines and wrinkles become the most apparent. The Venus Legacy’s quick, easy and non-invasive nature make it a prime choice for someone with a busy schedule like Mary.

Mary found the treatment incredibly relaxing and compared it to a visit to the spa with the soothing warmth taking the intimidation out of the beauty treatment.

The Venus Legacy works by producing a therapeutic heat matrix over the skin. Multi-polar radio frequencies cause a thermal reaction in the tissue stimulating the body’s natural healing process, resulting in fresh, younger looking skin.

Roger Gingerich’s Venus Legacy Testimonial

Roger Gingerich is the founder of the Gingerich Group. He also boasts a background in sewing and patternmaking and has been teaching at the Academy of Design at RCC Institute of Technology and writing various articles for industry related magazines for years. As someone in the fashion industry, he knows the pressures people feel to look young. Everyone ages, so to find a treatment that is non-invasive and still shows excellent results is what makes Venus Legacy truly revolutionary.

That’s exactly what drew Roger to Venus Legacy. As a non-surgical way to get rid of wrinkles, cellulite and sagging skin, it’s a non-intimidating treatment that is healthy and safe for the body. Roger was especially impressed with the knowledge and confidence the Venus Legacy technicians showed, quick to answer absolutely any question he had.

Often compared to a spa treatment, Venus Legacy leaves you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the day. There’s no downtime so it’s easy to get back into full swing after a quick session. Applying makeup immediately after a treatment is no problem. Skin always feels incredibly fresh even after just one session. Roger was impressed with what Venus Legacy had to offer and we think you will be too.

Isabelle Kiraly’s Venus Legacy Testimonial

An actress, singer and dancer, Isabelle Kiraly is an entertainer that always wants to put her best foot forward. The CEO and founder of The Superhero Company, an award-winning company specializing in superhero birthday parties, corporate events and appearances, also means she’s no stranger to the business world and how important it is to make a lasting impression.

Isabelle expressed her lower abdomen as the problem area she had the most difficulty maintaining. Other treatments weren’t giving her the results she expected and so she gave Venus Legacy a try. The soothing feel and friendly technician ensured absolute comfort, making a Venus Legacy treatment a true treat.

After only one session Isabelle noticed definition and could feel that her abdomen was tighter. By the fourth session the results she saw had her hooked, she finally found the treatment that gave her the look she was always after.

Vanessa Loreto’s Venus Legacy Testimonial

Many women struggle with cellulite, Vanessa, a part-time model, tried out Venus Legacy to see what it would do for her buttocks and the back of her thighs and was very pleased with the treatment.

While going to the gym and watching your diet are necessary steps in achieving a healthy body and trim physique, you sometimes need to go one step further to get rid of the spots that make you the most self-conscious. As a model who is used to being in the spotlight, constantly feeling the pressure to look perfect, Venus Legacy is the tool Vanessa needed to fix the areas diet and exercise couldn’t do alone.

The non-invasive and relaxing treatment feels warm on the skin and doesn’t require any downtime. Its quick and easy nature makes it a favourite for those with busy schedules looking to squeeze in a bit of “me” time into their lives. Venus Legacy proved to be the treatment Vanessa needed in looking and feeling her absolute best.

LA Blogger Brittany Sage Enjoys the Venus Legacy

What goes into being a blogger? Brittany Sage of Lipstick and Leopard Print would tell you that there are a number of components that flow into the role of being a blogger. Principally, a blogger shares their life with their readers—everything from the joyous to the comedic to the vulnerable.

That is exactly what Brittany does on Lipstick and Leopard Print. Her posts are filled with food, fashion, and her adventures with her husband.  A trained makeup artist, Brittany is no stranger to the world of beauty. Brittany shared some of her thoughts on beauty at a recent Venus Concept event in Los Angeles.

As is the case with most women, Brittany has some cellulite that she would love to reduce. The Venus Legacy can do exactly that. In the context of the event, however, she tried the Venus Legacy on her face. The combination of heat and radio frequency work to together to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and encourage the growth of new collagen. After the first treatment, Brittany commented on her “glowing skin” and the newfound firmness in her skin. The heat made the experience relaxing while the results showed her that the Venus Legacy was more than a fancy massage. Brittany already has plans to keep to using the treatment. Whether she decides to continue caring for her face or to work on the cellulite on her legs, thirty minutes a week for ten weeks are all it takes to see major change. “I’ve never felt better,” said Brittany, “I’ll be back for more.”